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The M551 Sheridan Airborne Assault Vehicle is a light tank named after Civil War General Phillip Sheridan.  Introduced in 1967 to the United States Army it was the answer to a much needed light tank.  It was designed to be dropped by parachute and ford rivers easily and saw combat in Vietnam, Panama, and Kuwait before being retired.  The Sheridan weighed in at 17 tons and carried a crew of four; a commander, gunner, loader, and driver.  Powered by a 6 cylinder supercharged Detroit Diesel Engine, the Sheridan could travel 348 miles with a maximum speed of 43 miles per hour on road, and 3.6 miles per hour swimming.  With heavy duty aluminum armor, the Sheridan carried 20 rounds of 152mm ammunition for the M81/M81E1 cannon and 9 MGM-51 Shillelagh missiles as its main armament.  As its secondary armament it carried one .50 Caliber M2 Browning Machine Gun with 1,000 rounds of ammunition and one .30 caliber M73/M219/M240C co-axial machine gun with 3,000 rounds of ammunition.  The museum has recently refurbished one of its M551 Sheridans and it very proud of the finished product.

Seen here is the finished M551 Sheridan with a new paint job.

Seen here is the Sheridan's back end with pioneering tools and tow package.

And last, but not least, the Sheridan's beautifully restored turret with .50 and .30 cal ammo cans.